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Dawn Summers
11 November 2029 @ 01:08 pm
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Dawn Summers
272. TEN snapshots that mean something to you. Describe the scene.

1. There are two girls. One blonde, one brunette. One tall, one short. One older, one younger. One crying, one dry-eyed. They don't really look alike, but they're sisters. You can tell because the brunette is leaning against the blonde, blocking out the world and the blonde has her arm around the younger girl, like if she just holds on a little tighter - she can protect the girl from anything. She should be able to protect the girl from anything. It's who she is, it's in her blood. The girls are wearing black. The girls look like someone died. Someone did.

2. A tower and an ugly dress, there's a rip across the front, the not-so-subtle stain of crimson along the edges of the rip. She looks like death and she should. She is death, she's the portent for death, she's the cause of all the bad in the world. She stares down at the glowing below her. The velvet dress clings to her form and she's too young to be standing there with the weight on her shoulders. In one moment, she'll take the step off the tower, her foot is raised to start the decent.

She'll never get to.

3. A kiss. A cloud of dust edging around the form. He's on top of her, ridges above his brow making it obvious what he is. Fangs protruding down, ready to sink into her neck. Except there is dust, around the edges. In a second, once the flash of the camera passes, he'll be gone, he face coated with dusty tears. A kiss.

4. A boy and a girl. His arms are wrapped around her stomach, she's turned towards him just slightly her eyes on the person behind the camera. His lips are at her ear, whispering something to make the girl laugh. His eyes are on her, trained on her in a way that when she sees the picture, she won't have to question how he feels. A boy and a girl.

5. A puppy, there's a tag around his neck, 'Gizmo'. The puppy is happy, with a grin that's wide and his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth. Attached to the collar there's a ribbon, holding a ring, white gold, three inset diamonds. The light catches the ring, it sparkles. A puppy and a ring.

6. Her eyes. Blue green eyes, deep. He calls them oceans; ocean eyes. There's a fleck in her right eyes, fleck of gold that reflects the light of the flash. Her eyes.

7. She stands in front of a large canvas. Her face covered in shadow. Jeans are splattered with different color's of paint, smears, splashes, splatters. Her hair is pulled back on the top of her head, her hand running through it in frustration, paint transferring from her fingertips to her hair. Her shirt is torn, a large tattoo peaking from the rips in the back. Her body is turning towards the camera, the corner of her mouth raised up. Amusement. The canvas is dark, the form of a tower and a falling body framed behind her. His finger tip isn't out of the way of the lense, barely there, fingerprint against the glass. A canvas.

8. He's on the bed, looking up at the camera, reaching up towards it, the angle is all off, she's trying to keep it from him. The curve of her stomach visible in the corner of the image. A sheet is tangled around his hips, his eyes boring into the camera, into hers. A hand is on her side, barely visible, in a moment, he'll sit up, toss the camera away and keep her for himself. Her hand is on his chest, a shiny ring pressing over his heart. The boy on the bed.

9. The curve of her belly, a white gold ring, on a masculine hand pressing against her stomach. Lips a hair-breadth away, about to press down. Her skin stretched. The curve.

10. Love. A boy and a girl, looking into each others eyes, they can't see anything else but each other. A ring and a puppy. A belly and a tower. Pieces that make up the image, the snapshot of her life. The boy and the girl, hearts pounding because they're close together. She's touching his face, his eyes partially closed because her touch makes him sigh, it makes him able to breathe. She leans into his body, her heart pounding because she's not real, she's not real but he sees her and he always will see her. She's his, like all those years ago she was created not to save the world, keep it safe, be the key. It was for him, to be his.

It's just a snapshot. Just a scene of many in her life but it's her life. Some happened, some will happen. Every second is true. Every scene is hers. Everything is finally real.

He makes her real.

Muse | Dawn Summers
Fandom | Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn Summers
16 February 2010 @ 05:40 pm
232. TEN words.

Words only have the meaning that we give them.

1. Vampire
2. Hate
3. Love
4. Spirituality
5. Compassion
6. Sex
7. Death
8. Magic
9. Belief
10. Marriage

227. TEN things you do in the morning.

1. Brush my teeth.
2. Make love to my boyfriend.
3. Have orgasms.
4. Shower (possibly with more sex).
5. Check for E-mails from Scoobies and such.
6. Have cereal or pancakes if Logan decides to make them.
7. Makeup.
8. Hair.
9. Feed Gizmo.
10. Get pulled in for lots of kisses before I leave for work or class - usually making me late.

Muse | Dawn Summers
Fandom | Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn Summers
17 November 2009 @ 09:24 pm
001. For the Muse: TEN Facts About You!

1. I am the key to a hell dimension. Or I used to be. I'm still unclear if it applies even after Glory's all kablooey.

2. I have a boyfriend who I'm kind of crazy about. We've been together, wow, almost two years now. It feels like yesterday. I've known him a long time but technically that wasn't real. It's complicated.

3. My older sister is a Vampire Slayer. The famous one. It can be a little much (re: annoying) but I love her.

4. I wanted to be a writer when I was a kid but now I mostly want to dance.

5. Dancing really isn't lucrative though, One of my majors is Latin. I'm kind of good at languages. I think it's a Key thing, being able to retain information. I'm into languages, it helps with research. Not that I do much of that anymore.

6. My life is surprisingly normal these days. College, boyfriend, a puppy. For what it was while we were in Sunnydale and how much Buffy still deals with the slaying ... it's surprising that I'm normal.

7. After Logan read the Twilight and Harry Potter books he literally played 100 questions on what was real and what wasn't.

8. We live together. It's weird but I like it. It's not like I've never lived with other people. All those slayers in the last year in Sunnydale ... was awful. At least there's sex with sharing a bed now. Good sex.

9. I spent a year in Italy with my sister, finishing high school. Then I moved back to LA for college.

10. All I want is to be normal. But I'm not ... even real.

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Muse | Dawn Summers
Fandom | Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn Summers
19 October 2009 @ 09:32 pm
201. TEN things you did this summer.

1. Went on a back packing tour of Tibet, Tahiti, Thailand and various places in South America (fyi Logan's version of backpacking is not like most people's) with my boyfriend. He made me not take summer school this year said I needed a break. I didn't want to leave Gizmo behind but we had Buffy take care of him.

2. Got a tattoo.

3. Convinced Logan to spend the night in a hostel instead of a hotel. He complained the entire time but I think he secretly loved it, mostly because of the sex with other people around. He likes that whole public places, getting caught thing.

4. Made Logan get a tattoo.

5. Didn't study once.

6. Drunk-emailed my dad a really nasty letter where I called him a big asshole. What? I don't have a huge arsenal of curse words to call him. It's a wonder poopy-head wasn't the main theme.

7. Had hash brownies. Logan took videos and he knows if they end up on you-tube he will be sexless for a long time. I know he shared them with Will though. Who I can't threaten with lack of sex.

8. Went to a nude beach, nude, and promptly had my boyfriend beat up a guy for looking on me. The nude beach was his idea!

9. Hitch-hiked when the rental died. I'm pretty sure that guy was a serial killer. If we hadn't passed that accident with all the cops and gotten out we'd be road kill, I just know it. Logan doesn't believe me.

10. Possibly got married by a Tahitian monk. I don't think it's legal and we were kind of ... drunk.

Muse | Dawn Summers
Fandom | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

ooc: for those new, this is a long standing au after season 7 verse
Dawn Summers
10 March 2009 @ 02:23 pm
172. TEN ways to win your heart

1. Buy me a puppy.
2. Cook me pancakes.
3. Accept me for who and what I really am deep down inside.
4. Be honest.
5. Have passion.
6. Watch me sleep; when you think I don't know your watching.
7. Be persistent.
8. Understand that I'm damaged.
9. Never compare me to my sister.
10. Challenge me on a daily basis.

Muse | Dawn Summers
Fandom | Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn Summers
13 February 2009 @ 11:42 pm
170. TEN things on your to-do list.

1. Get Logan to move out of the hotel. Use all tactics
2. Get Gizmo trained, somehow.
3. Convince Sister to not glare at Boyfriend.
4. Gradute. Soon.
5. Find Anya and wish for a world without shellfish.
6. Go see My Bloody Valentine in 3D.
7. Pay this semester's tuition so graduation is possible.
8. Stop fighting with boyfriend over stupid things.
9. Pretend Valentines Day doesn't exist. Unless boyfriend did something hugely romantic to disrupt our slightly domesticated lifestyle recently.
10. Get Buffy Laid so she'll annoy someone else.

Muse | Dawn Summers
Fandom | Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn Summers
08 December 2008 @ 10:43 am
157. TEN best things about the holidays

1. Getting together with family.
2. Making my boyfriend wear a santa hat and he can't complain because he loves me.
3. Stockings hanging by a fireplace or other special place.
4. Giving out toys to kids (and making Logan dress up like Santa). I like wearing the elf ears.
5. This year - Buffy's coming. It'll either be really cool or really bad.
6. Decorating the tree, which thankfully this year is REAL. Yes, we got rid of the fake tree that I hated. Finally.
7. Remembering mom by watching all her favorite christmas movies.
8. Present shopping, even though it's hard for certain people who tend to already have everything imaginable because they're SPOILED!
9. Being able to sing christmas songs outloud.
10. All the candy/sweets and deserts you can eat and have a good excuse to do so.

Muse | Dawn Summers
Fandom | Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawn Summers
125. You're EXPECTING! TEN names you would name your child. (5 boy/5 girl).

Yeah, this so is not happening to me anytime soon. BUT I guess if you're asking.

1. Ophelia
2. Sophia
3. Lola
4. Emily
5. Sapphire
6. Matthew
7. Adam
8. Ryan
9. Embry
10. Landon